Who We Are

We are friends, family, strangers, visitors, and neighbors brought together as a family in Christ by the Spirit of God to joyfully worship and enjoy Christian fellowship together. Our faith is based on the Word as revealed through Jesus Christ in the Bible and nurtured by sharing with each other. We are dedicated to letting God’s love and grace shine through us.


At Peace Church we have a consistory, voted upon each January, that is responsible for the spiritual and material needs of the congregation. There are 2 elders, who assist the pastor with the spiritual needs of the congregation, 4 deacons who consider and act upon the financial requirements and 2 trustees who are responsible for maintenance of the property. Also, on the consistory is a secretary to capture all minutes and decisions as well as a treasurer for financial bookkeeping. The consistory faithfully serves to keep the church vital in the lives of its members and community.


Frank Shepherd Jr

I am a recent graduate of the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, with a Master of Divinity. I have served the past 4 years as a student pastor at church in Scotch Grove, while completing my studies of the Seminary. I am married to Carrie, and have two children, Isabella and Frankie Ray. I am looking forward to a beautiful partnership at Peace United Church of Christ. – Frank Shepherd Jr


Many people offer their time and effort to Peace Church including our church secretary, organist, pianist, cleaning staff, youth leaders, and others that help meet the needs of our church. It is the true meaning of family that everyone is willing to jump in and offer a hand when needed.