Vision, Mission, Beliefs

Peace United Church of Christ Monticello, Iowa

Vision: Our family church with a big heart welcomes you.

Mission: To live by faith, be known by love, and bring hope and fellowship to our community by providing a traditional and evolving worship that inspires all generations to develop our God-given potential.

What We Believe……

We believe in the triune God: Creator, resurrected Christ, the sole Head of the church, and the Holy Spirit, who guides and brings about the creative and redemptive work of God in the world.

We believe that the persistent search for God produces an authentic relationship with God, engendering love, strengthening faith, dissolving guilt, and giving life purpose and direction.

We believe that all of the baptized ‘belong body and soul to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.’ All persons baptized are connected to each other and to God. All who share in Christ’s baptism and eat at his table join him in his passion and victory and will have God’s promise of ‘love, support and care.’

We believe that God calls us to be servants in the service of others and to be good stewards of the earth’s resources. ‘To believe is to care; to care is to do.’

We believe in the power of peace and possibility to find solutions and to explore and to hear … after all, God is still speaking, … God promises to all who trust in the gospel forgiveness of sins and fullness of grace, courage in the struggle for justice and peace, the presence of the Holy Spirit in trial and rejoicing, and eternal life in that kingdom which has no end.